10 Cult Clothing Items We Learned Through Word-of-Mouth

December 11, 2016

Like a viral video of kittens, or a tweet, there are fashion items that gain momentum through word of mouth. These items may not immediately fly off the shelves, but the slow burn that comes from the recommendations of others. In our office, there were Mango’s strappy sandals, which kicked off a realisation that some of our favourite items to shop are ones we’ve learned about through the grapevine. Because, what better stamp of approval is there than a raving review from someone who already paid the bill.

So, what are the items we’ve all been buzzing about? Each of our editors breaks down the piece they’re coveting, thanks to the recommendations of others. Some, are styles we’ve spotted on Instagram, others are the new office obsession – all of them are on our must-have lists. Beware, you just might want everything too. 

Shop our favourite cult clothing items below! 

Source: whowhatwear