3 Unexpected Outfit Swaps Models Make for Evening

December 11, 2016

As special as a red carpet event is, sauntering down one is really just another day at the office for a model. Naturally, these ladies have learned their fair share about what it takes to make each red carpet appearance feel a little bit cooler and way less cliché than just showing up in another shiny dress. And at last night’s Guggenheim International Gala Pre-Party, sponsored by Dior, we spotted three such examples that were particularly refreshing.

Alexa Chung along with models Ophelie Guillermand and Gracie Van Gastel each made unexpected party-style choices that made their polished, pretty, and statement-making looks—all courtesy of the evening’s co-host, of course—feel totally effortless. With a few simple swaps, each lady personalised her ensemble so it appeared a little less done up but was still appropriate for an evening out nonetheless. In fact, the three tricks below are so easy, anyone can test them for their next affair. 

Scroll down to see just a few of the style hacks that don’t take a professional model to master.

Source: whowhatwear