4 Old-Hollywood Beauty Tricks We’re Too Lazy or Scared to Try

November 3, 2015

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We still don’t know whether these are truths or myths but they make Kim Kardashian’s crazy 52-step makeup routine seem somewhat normal. Below are four old-Hollywood beauty secrets we’re too lazy or terrified to try…

Marilyn Monroe

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To create the illusion of fuller lips, Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist would apply five individual lipsticks and lip glosses to give her lips some added dimension. Like the contouring technique, dark shades would go on the outer corners and edges of her lips, and lighter colours were placed on the centre of her lips to highlight her pout.

Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor used to shave her face. No joke! She said this trick removed fine facial hairs as well as ‘the surface layers of skin cells’, leaving her with baby-soft skin.

Audrey Hepburn

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Her secret to her clump-free lashes? A safety pin. Audrey’s makeup artist would apply mascara and then separate every single lash of hers with a pin, to ensure that Audrey’s lash game was always on point. We will never ever try this at home – so many things can go wrong.

Marlene Dietrich

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To get her signature thin brows, Marlene actually shaved off her real brows, drawing her desired shape with black pencil. Marlene was one celeb that made some pretty drastic beauty decisions in her time. The most infamous? Having her molars removed to further accentuate her cheekbones, and using surgical tape to give herself a temporary face-lift, according to Yahoo.com

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine, SA

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