9 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas Under $30

October 24, 2017

Unless you’re attending Heidi Klum’s famous annual Halloween party where everyone goes all out, it’s probably a bad idea to spend your savings on an elaborate costume you’ll wear once. If your invite got lost in the mail like ours did, an affordable costume (that’s still ridiculously cool and stylish) will certainly suffice. So how affordable are we talking? Think the price of a couple lunches or a really nice dinner. From a heavily accessorized Iris Apfel to a simple and timeless Edie Sedgwick to an iconic Liv Tyler in Empire Records, we’re bringing you iconic ideas every fashion girl will instantly recognize (and love).

Scroll down for nine ideas sure to impress on Halloween night, each of which will cost $30 or less to re-create.

Total Cost: $24. Take an old shirt you already own, and use thin tape or letter stickers to spell out “Seniors” across the chest. You’ll need to buy:

Total Cost: $30. Pile on all the costume jewelry from your collection, and wear bright, clashing prints from your closet. You’ll need to buy:

Total Cost: $28. Pair your best ’90s-inspired lipstick with this costume. You’ll need to buy:

Total Cost: $24. Wear a white button-down blouse you already own, and fasten black ribbons to your skirt to mimic suspenders. Don’t forget the pink ribbon in your hair! You’ll need to buy:

Total Cost: $30. This couples’ costume is so easy to re-create. One partner needs a sailor uniform, while the other needs a simple white dress.

Total Cost: $25. This costume is all about the makeup. Use this example to guide your application. You’ll need to buy:

​Total Cost: $23. Apply retro makeup to play up the vintage vibe. You’ll need to buy:

Total Cost: $24. Apply winged eyeliner with this tutorial. You’ll need to buy:

Total Cost: $27. Tie your hair in a high ponytail with a red ribbon to get the look. You’ll need to buy:

​Which of these costume ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

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