And the Style Influencer I Would Like to Dress Like This Year Is…

January 11, 2018

Pernille Teisbaek’s chic Scandi style is often the topic of conversation in the Who What Wear office. But why, exactly, when there are plenty of influencers around is Pernille’s wardrobe the one I lust over so much? For starters, she often wears the most exciting and cult-worthy brands around, such as Balenciaga and Ganni. She’s also great at throwing together outfits that look effortless but have interesting twists (see her love of socks), making her style surpsingly easy to copy. Finally, she’s a real fan of the “Dad” trainer, pairing them with skirts and suits, and simultaneously creating a signature. For those reasons, I’ve decided to decode her wardrobe so you can see for yourself why she’s the influencer I’ll channel in 2018. Keep scrolling for 13 rules of Pernille Teisbaek’s style.

Style Notes: This could have been a boring outfit: black top and black trousers. But instead Pernille opted for a sheer top with cropped leather culottes. Just the right side of daring to give it an edge. 

Style Notes: When wearing ankle-exposing shoes, we rarely see the Scandi influencer without a killer pair of socks to go with. 

Style Notes: Pernille’s style is pretty eclectic, but that makes it easier for her to tackle trends such as athleisure and make it look like she’s always worn it. 

Style Notes: Want to make jeans and a jumper seem innovative? Button your coat in an interesting way and wear a fun pair of shoes, such as these glitter Gucci loafers. 

Style Notes: As well as being able to do more masculine silhouettes, Pernille is adept at making a pretty summer dress look more fashion. Just add a graphic tee and white boots. 

Style Notes: Don’t worry about swamping your frame. Take a tip from Pernille and opt for an oversized jumper with leggings (preferably of the stirrup variety). 

Style Notes: Want to wear a simple outfit? Add sparkle by matching your shoes to your accessories. 

Style Notes: The all-black outfit must be accessorised with a bold bag. 

Style Notes: Why not consider double denim? Just make sure it’s in constrasting colours for a better twist on the classic. 

Style Notes: Need to give yourself a waist? Grab your favourite belt. Job done. 

Style Notes: Don’t worry about looking like a dad. A suit and trainers is still super chic, believe it or not. 

Style Notes: Yep, a simple trench will always elevate an outfit. 

Style Notes: The one thing we always notice about Pernille is that she still puts comfort above everything else. Remember to follow that and you’re golden.  Next up, the biggest S/S 18 fashion trends you need to know about. 

Source: whowhatwear