Best And Worst Of MBFWCT 2015

July 8, 2016


What a triumph! Arguably the best MBFWCT in years, this season saw designers break new ground across the board, bringing incredible repute to South African fashion and a fresh new take on MBFWCT in general. It goes without saying, but the bar has been raised. The women’s showcase was remarkable. There were surely men in the audience that wished they were women and many more that weeped at the thought of what they would be spending on their wives’ new wardrobes. The menswear designers at MBFWCT did us proud, too, although there were certainly also a few WTF moments. We will reveal those in due course, but let’s start with our favourite moments:

The Best Shows


Craig Native gave us African sport luxe that, despite the proliferation of the whole ‘athlesia’ movement, felt fresh while completely sidestepping any cliches. In fact, it was a proud moment to see ‘African’ done in such an interesting new way. This was the most approachable collection and will undoubtedly be a big hit in South Africa.


Adriaan Kuiters flooded the runway with fashion that was deserving of its namesake, bringing the whole event into a more cosmopolitan light. It was also among the most conceptual collections at MBFWCT, managing to showcase a new technicality that brought the house down.


And Now… The Worst

Ruald Rheeder

When Ruald Rheeder ended his rather questionable collection with this parody on Chinese culture that was considerably un-PC. The collection did have some highlight pieces.


This, for instance, was remarkable. However, for the most part the styling was a complete disaster and only served to distract us. The connection to China – albeit a rather loose one to begin with – was also a bit alarming given that Craig Port already sent a Japanese inspired collection down the runway at SA Menswear Week in January. Given their history perhaps this was a little close for comfort? Also, why did the models have to get on their knees? Why!!!?


Source: GQ Magazine, SA


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