Easy Outfit Ideas for When You Hate Everything You Own

October 24, 2017

We all have those days, the ones where we try on outfit after outfit but nothing seems to work. Our go-to dress just doesn’t fit right, and that new sweater just isn’t working. Those are the days when having a list of easy (and cute) outfit ideas on hand would make all the difference. 

Luckily, with the right inspiration, your closet basics can actually feel fresh again. Below, we’re highlighting 15 easy outfits  that take advantage of the pieces already have handy. Suddenly, that coat hanging at the back of your closet, or those statement trousers you never knew how to wear, are just what your fall wardrobe needed you’ve been waiting for.

Read on to check out these incredibly easy outfit ideas, and don’t forget to pin them for later. That way deciding what to wear will never make you late for work ever again!

A crisp blazer is the perfect way to finish off a fall work outfit.

Throw together this simple outfit by topping your favorite skinny jeans and booties with a classic denim jacket.

Keep things simple by wearing an entire outfit in the same colorway.

Throw on a simple T-shirt dress and style it with this season’s It jacket, the bomber.

While jeans and a tee usually feel more casual, throwing on a pair of elegant heels gives them a fresh spin.

Repurpose one of your favorite dresses by styling it with a sweater on top.

A simple color palette doesn’t have to be boring. Try a structured top on for size.

Mix high and low by styling a classic blazer and button-down with a pair of cool, relaxed jeans.

Don’t underestimate the classics. Take a simple striped tee and pair it with a trench for a look that never goes out of style.

Breathe fresh life into your favorite work blouse by styling it with a simple black skirt and a cool pair of sneakers.

Take your officewear into the weekend by styling a midi skirt with a simple crop top.

Dare to pair denim pieces together and dress in head-to-toe blue. 

Go for the high-low look by styling a pair of cropped trousers with your favorite cool sneakers. 

Take your favorite summer dress into fall by styling it with a turtleneck underneath. 

Give your favorite coat a new twist by cinching it with a belt.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Mix eye-catching colors and prints in an unexpected way.

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Source: whowhatwear