Fête Fashionably: The Stylish Girl's Guide to Party Dressing

December 7, 2017

Now that it’s December, it’s fair to say that holiday season is just around the corner—and with that, the inevitable list of holiday parties that seem never ending during this time of year. When it seems like there’s a different party every weekend, it can be hard to find motivation to put together new, fresh outfits.  Add to that the pressure of looking seasonably “festive”, and its enough to turn you off the idea of putting in an effort altogether.  

Before you give up and pull out the usual little black dress and call it a day—don’t dismay: we’ve figured it out for you! Below, we’ve rounded up eight trends that are perfect for holiday parties —and we’ve even done the shopping for you!  

Keep reading to find out what to wear to be the most stylish guest at the next holiday party on your calendar.  

Like the little sister of Christmas’ classic red, a pink look for the holidays seems unquestionably fun and cute. This twist on the old classic is perfect to accessorise with for just a pop of colour, or as a statement piece to really vamp up the look.

Though sequins may seem a bit garish at first, what better excuse to wear them than the holidays? Keep your outfit looking chic by choosing a fashionable silhouette, like a midi dress or sleek mini.

No look seems more perfect for the holidays than something with a little frill. This cheery detailing stands out compared to typical cuts. It’s also a little reminiscent of wearable gift wrap—in the best way possible.  

Not just for the top of the tree, stars are a perfect way to turn a normal party look into one that’s holiday-ready. Whether you go for a star-print frock, or go the easier route with star embellished accessories, this look is sure to shine bright.  

The key to effortless elegance, velvet automatically makes your outfit look much more sophisticated. For an ultra-luxe vibe, pair a velvet statement piece (dress, jumpsuit, coat) with velvet accessories for the ultimate holiday outfit.

Rather than reaching for a snowman-printed “ugly sweater”, play up the season by emphasising the holiday cheer in a more refined way. By choosing pieces with textiles that play on plants, you’ll register as Christmas-y, without having to wear an embezzled tree anywhere on your body.

In line with the tree idea, dress up your outfit the way you’d decorate a tree. Similar to tinsel,the right amount of fringe detailing adds festive texture to any look.  

To stand out among a sea of red, green, and black cocktail dresses, opt for something with a little more sparkle. Choosing an item in a contemporary cut  and pairing it with different textures like velvet or knit will keep this look feeling chic rather than flashy.

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Source: whowhatwear