Get on board the nautical trend

October 5, 2016

nautical trend

Feel like taking a bit of a beach holiday? Sail away with us this spring in salty-fresh, nautical inspired outfits.

Every year without fail, this trend comes back around during the warm months – maybe because we wish we could be tanning by the seaside instead of squinting in the glare of our computer screens…

When it comes to sailor chic, make sure you don’t go ‘overboard’ – keep it simple and classy with subtle touches of the sea à la Coco Chanel. Laid back is key when it comes to this trend; everyone is relaxed on holidays, and nobody dresses up!

Opt for clean and cute pieces with a ’70s feel to ensure your look is current. Think high-waisted skirts, breezy dresses, striped boatneck tops, wide-leg trousers, espadrilles and floppy hats.

Source: Glamour Magazine, SA

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