How to Cuff Jeans to Make a Fashion Statement

October 30, 2017

Cuffing season is here—and we’re not just talking about the propensity to pair up with a partner as we head into fall and winter. As the temperature cools and we break out our favourite ankle boots, cuffing jeans becomes the look of the season—to simultaneously show off our statement shoes and freshen up our denim. This $0 styling trick transforms the way your jeans look and there are a handful of ways to do it, depending on your desired effect. We’ve rounded up seven of our favourite jean-cuffing techniques in a range of denim varieties so if you’ve ever wondered how to cuff jeans, you’ll now have several strategies to add to your repertoire.

Head below for how to cuff jeans seven stylish ways.

A thick cuff can be an elevated way to shorten the length of your jeans without taking them to the tailors. When executed in clean, symmetrical lines, the cuffing looks intentional and adds a nice detailing that brings attention to your shoes.

A single thick cuff with loose-fitting denim is an excellent way to show off a pair of heels or ankle boots.

For those who prefer a thinner cuff, play around with a pair of jeans that already fall at the desired length, then just fold over once or twice, no more than a half inch each time.

Flared jeans look great with heels but can be too much when worn with flats. Wear your favorite pair of flared blues with whatever footwear by cuffing the bottom once and letting them hit right above the ankle or a bit higher on the calf.

For oversize boyfriend jeans, cuffing can help taper in the bottom hem, making the silhouette a tad more streamlined—perfect for finishing off with a strappy heel.

Sometimes cuffing jeans isn’t about functionality at all but just giving an added detail to your look. For jeans that are already the right length, turn over the bottom hem just once, about an inch.

To really have the cuff be the statement of your look, go bold with a single fold-over that’s anywhere from four to six inches. It will give your jeans an entirely new style (and is the perfect fashion-forward hack for girls with shorter legs). Need more practice? Check out this video demonstration for how to cuff jeans, according to J.Crew.
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Source: whowhatwear