How to Wear the Ballet Trend in Real Life, According to a Ballerina

October 12, 2016

While she might be known for her modelling and Instagram fame, Mimi Elashiry is more than just her 834,000 Instagram followers—she’s also a classically trained dancer. A back injury a few years ago halted her dancing career, and saw her modelling career take off. Now, she’s combined her love for both, for the launch of Pandora Rose—a new collection with a unique blend of metals that combines to form a pretty blush hue. On her partnership with Pandora, Elashiry explains “I’ve always loved dancing and the freedom of expression through movement… I was always told I couldn’t be a model and my dream has always been to combine my passion of dancing with modelling. That’s why I’ve partnered with Pandora. I want women to express their personal style and celebrate their own individuality and talents”.

So to celebrate, Pandora created a bespoke life-sized jewellery box, which Mimi will dance on top of today in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall (as the world’s first life-size jewellery box ballerina). We spoke to Elashiry and asked her about how she wears the ballet trend IRL and what jewellery means to her. Keep scrolling to read more, and stay glued to Elashiry’s Instagram from 11 a.m. on October 13 to see how the dancing all goes down.

Source: whowhatwear