Inside the Mind of One of Fashion's Biggest Luminaries: Yasmin Sewell

December 8, 2016

It’s a been a pretty big year for Yasmin Sewell, who helped relaunch the new in the UK this September. But even before that, the site’s fashion director, has been as much a fashion week staple as the clothes, the designers, or the after-parties are. It’s due to not only her creative and cutting-edge outfits, but also her chameleon-like ability to thrive professionally in multiple corners of the fashion world.

To give your an abbreviated bit of her impressive résumé, the Australian-born, London-based Sewell first launched a celebrity-loved boutique in the late ’90s, and then went on to work for Browns in London; later on she consulted for major brands. Oh, and she’s also behind Être Cécile. Exhausted yet? Not Sewell. Her style is like a sartorial pick-me-up every time we spot her, be it in the most billowy ruffles, the freshest of prints, or a sublime pantsuit. She’s a champion of emerging brands, is game to mix high and low, and, simply put, her love of fashion is palpable.

Ahead, she lets us in on her style tricks, her closet, and her predictions for the future of the industry.

Source: whowhatwear