So It's Pretty Obvious Australian Fashion Girls Love This Bikini Style

January 16, 2018

As summer continues, the eternal question lives on: How to look stylish at the beach. While one piece swimsuits have been on the rise, there is something so classic and easy about a bikini.  

While black feels like a universally “safe” bet when choosing a solid-coloured bikini, it’s become pretty standard. Chances are you already own one anyway, plus, how many simple black bikinis do you spot on a normal day at the beach? We’re willing to bet it’s quite a few. Not only that, but the dark shade isn’t exactly flattering on everyone’s skin tone. For a pale person, a black bikini can work against your complexion, making you look even more pale—which might not be your aim when you’re minimally clothed. Bright colours, on the other hand, are much more flattering overall, no matter what your complexion.

Luckily, some of Australia’s most fashionable influencers seem to agree. Below, we’ve selected a few simple, bright bikini looks worn by influencers to inspire your next beach trip. These vibrant staples will keep your swimwear look feeling chic all summer long. Click through!

WHO: Jessie Bush. WEAR: Vaara Swimset

WHO: Pip  Edwards. WEAR: Hunza G 

WHO: Tanja Gacic. WEAR: Marysia Swim

WHO: Zanita Whittington. WEAR: Fleur du Mal High Waist Bikini

WHO: Laura Jade Stone. WEAR: Anna Swimwear Bikini

Source: whowhatwear