Stella McCartney's New Fashion Film Is Actually Very Creepy

December 10, 2016

The Clown Motel in the deserts of Nevada close to where atomic bombs were once tested is probably not the first place you’d assume Stella McCartney would shoot a film for her S/S 17 collection… or the thirtieth. But that is indeed where the latest film from the British designer takes place. Unexpected? Yes. Creepy as it sounds? Also yes. But it’s most certainly worth a watch.

The backdrop and extreme face makeup might be a bit unsettling for anyone with a fear of clowns, but the Philippa Price–directed mini movie is also kind of beautiful in a dark and twisted way. It’s filled with some of the crispest blue skies we’ve ever seen, glistening fabrics that pick up every fleck of sunshine, and denim detailed with florals. Of course, you may be distracted by abandoned cars flipped on their sides or the models’ intense stares that don’t break eye contact and linger on screen just a second longer than you’d expect.

If you’re a fan of scary movies and ethical luxury fashion, this nearly four-minute film is for you. And if you have coulrophobia, well, you’ve been warned.

Scroll down to watch Stella McCartney’s pretty, creepy video for her spring collection.

Source: whowhatwear