Superga X Poppy Summer 2015

October 12, 2016


Your summer shoe wardrobe will be fashionably sorted all thanks to a recent announcement from Superga, regarding its decision to continue on the wonderful and well established relationship with Poppy Ntshongwana. As the beautiful face of Superga South Africa, the media darling has collaborated for a second time with the People’s Shoes of Italy to bring us yet another awe-inspiring and on-trend Spring Summer range.
Questioned regarding Superga’s decision to continue the relationship with Poppy, Marketing Manager Katy Ward had the following to say: “Poppy has been with our brand for a whole season already, growing with our brand from strength to strength in ladies’ fashion. Where her personal style has grown over the last 18 months, so too has Superga’s. Both brands, hers and ours, follow chic, high-end, feminine fashion and for us there was no other better fit than Poppy herself, yet again”.
“My Spring Summer range is for fashion forward young women and men who appreciate a bit of glam and edginess. I’ve infused my very personal style into every shoe. There’s a shoe for everyone and for every occasion. I’m a huge fan of classic fashion with a touch of personality and bright hues, and as such I’ve made sure that is strongly reflected in my range”, says Poppy.
“This collaboration differs significantly from the previous one. Not only did I get to actually design each and every shoe, the range is also a lot more mature. I have done a lot of growing over the past year, and this is definitely reflected in the styles I have gone for this time around. This range being more unisex than my first one, I’m super excited to see how everyone will wear and interpret them by creating their personal fashion looks”, says Poppy.





Source: Grazia Daily Magazine, SA

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