This Byron Bay-Based Influencer Has the Best Dress Collection—Hands Down

January 16, 2018

Scrolling through Olive Cooke’s Instagram feed (@olivecooke) is like being on the most dreamy, tropical holiday ever. This Western Australia native not only travels the world taking beautiful photos, but does so with impeccable style.  Seeming to be living in an endless summer, Cooke wears one amazing sundress after another.  

Featuring many smaller Australian independent brands, Cooke’s feed is great inspiration for summer style. Being both beautiful and more sustainable than fast fashion brands, Cooke’s wardrobe is straight out of summer daydreams. Below, we’ve done the work for you and shopped out some of our favourite dresses, with a little information on the brands that make them.

Keep reading to see our favourites of Olive’s dresses and to learn where you can get your own!

Source: whowhatwear