This Jewellery Designer Reveals How She Found Her Wedding Dress

December 9, 2016

As a bride-to-be, finding your wedding dress is one of the most exciting aspects of planning for the big day, (I bought mine the other week, and it was very exciting, but will save that story for another day) but it can also be one of the most nerve-wracking. Who knows what you will want to wear months in advance? And how do you know you won’t find something you’ll love more?

A few weeks ago, Lucie Ferguson of jewellery label Babyanything wed in Byron Bay, in a magical Hawaiian-themed wedding. As soon as I saw the images pop up on my Instagram feed, I knew I had to find out the story of her beautiful dress. Lucky for you, Ferguson revealed all about how her wedding day vibes came to be.

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Source: whowhatwear