Understand the Meaning Behind Gucci's Latest Jewellery Collection

December 7, 2017

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. A stroll through Italy’s capital quickly reveals itself as a city ever-richer for its heritage—the ruins, yes, but also, its people.  

Home to Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, ancient Greek mythology and the Renaissance period laid the cultural foundation for his Cruise 2018 offering, and nowhere was his nod to Roman culture more present than in the placement of the hero jewellery pieces in the Fashion collection—the hair through hair bands and combs, the body by way of brooches, and palm jewels that cover the hands.

Worn alone or grouped together for a maximalist effect, Gucci’s Cruise 2018 jewellery gives every devotee the opportunity to pay homage to their inner eccentricity and express their individuality through accessorising.

Keep scrolling, as we go on a journey through the symbols.

The Fashion collection reveals a blend of seasonal symbols, but most notable is the reincarnation of the transversal butterfly motif. White crystals contrast a dark metal finish, creating a vintage look.

The lyra motif takes its inspiration from the ancient Grecian harp, the Lyre. It’s just one of many statement making pieces in the new collection, including embellished hair combs and web bracelets.

An extension of the line introduced in the brand’s last Fashion collection, the masks take on mythological connotations. In Greek mythology, Silenus is a companion and tutor to the wine god Dionysus. Hercules is of course, the heroic son of Zeus.

Crystals are an important material for the House, used throughout its entire collection. Crystals can take on many meanings, featuring in spectacular executions mixed with pearls and star motifs. For Gucci, using this stone brings a sense of romanticism and a focus on the inner-self.

Fun and funny, pineapple, pear, monkeys and cherries all return in full colour. The animal and flora world remain a huge source of inspiration for Alessandro in this collection.

Gucci’s hieroglyph. Brooches with different motifs complete almost all the Fashion jewellery themes, but none of them more than the return of the GG Marmont—this time encrusted in crystals and available in red, white and green. 

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Source: whowhatwear