Winter hair woes, sorted!

October 3, 2016

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It’s no secret that colder air affects our hair for the worse, so with the changing of seasons, our haircare routine must change too. Here Ria Gyapersad, creative director of Glampalm, shares her hair care tips for winter.

Switch up your shampoo

“Your hair can get used to the shampoo you use on a regular basis, which means that it stops working as well as it should and doesn’t keep your hair cleaner for longer,” says Ria. Switch up your shampoo to ensure your hair stays healthy and clean this winter.

Less brushing means less static

The change in weather can often increase the static electricity in your hair and those fly-aways may be harder to tame. “To reduce static, avoid brushing your hair as often. And if you really have to brush, spray hair spray on your brush before using it,” Ria advises.

Protect your hair from the heat

With the cold comes prolonged use of hair dryers because, let’s face it, no one wants to have wet hair and increased chances of catching a cold. Ria says, “make sure that you apply a heat protector to your hair after each wash to prevent extensive damage”.

Style away

“One way to beat frizzy hair that goes out of control during the change of weather, is to style it in place. Choose a styler that treats your hair too, like the Glamplam Standard Magic Series Iron with patented Healing Stone™ technology,” suggests Ria.

Say no to hot showers

We are all guilty of increasing our time spent in the shower, as well as the temperature of our water when it’s cold outside. “Hot showers seem to be the perfect way to warm up, but beware of extremely hot water as it can dry out your hair. Adjust the temperature to lukewarm to keep your locks looking healthy this winter,” explains Rita. We’ll try our best!

Source: Glamour Magazine, SA

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