Zizo Beda’s beauty rules

October 6, 2016


Radio presenter, TV personality, Lotto presenter and spokesmodel for Garnier Even&Matte, Zizo Beda, 26, is glowing with confidence. She shares her beauty rules here.

1 Change your skincare as your needs change

“It’s easy to get into a comfort zone with your products, but as you change your skin goes through changes too. Stay on top of what your skin is telling you and get targeted products.”

2 Banish shine

“I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, so I need to make sure that my skincare is helping beat shine. I use a mattifying product and then, if there’s still glow, a dusting of powder goes a long way to help with that.”

3 Make an effort

“I feel most beautiful when I’m about to walk out the house. I’ve put thought into my outfit, my makeup and spritzed on a fragrance.”

4 Love your body

“We’re not all packaged the same way. Some of us are short, curvy, tall, lean – it’s all beautiful. Embrace your individuality!”

5 Be happy

“Along with drinking lots of water and wearing an SPF, a smile is the best beauty secret there is!”

Source: Glamour Magazine, SA

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